ISP Digital | A Complete ISP Billing & Management Software for ISP Business
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  • 5/10/2021
  • By: Md. Imtiaj Ahamed

ISP Digital is a management and billing solution designed for the ISP industry which helps run ISP businesses more efficiently and effectively. It assists with management and billing solutions, including complete authorization, operations, billing management modules, and many essential features that offer smooth operation for businesses. It allows companies to track the quality of service with customer usage and, through this software solution, the billing process can be automated by sending invoices and receiving payments. ISP Digital helps to lead in a competitive market by providing excellent business management and a high-quality internet connection to improve service quality. 

In this blog, we will highlight how ISP Digital can take care of your business difficulties. Could you keep reading to explore more about it?

We are all human beings in our team, and we have a few business principles to follow. One of the core things is to be honest, and loyal to our clients. We are constantly exploring ways to provide trustworthy & result-oriented services to customers. At ISP Digital, we have included steps with a categorized team to ensure excellence in services for your business.

Commercial Team

Our commercial team is responsible for obtaining your orders and for supporting distribution. To better meet the client's needs, the commercial team listens to your ISP business requirements. The group includes multiple categories of people and resources depending on the needs. The main tasks conducted by the commercial team are to manage corporate dealings such as potential clients with the engagement of clients' enrollment in various trade programs, to take orders, financial dealings (quotations, charges, packages, etc.), and conduct categorized promotions or campaigns. The commercial team is also responsible for presenting or sharing information about the ISP Digital service with your company.

The Design & Development team:

ISP Digital completes a substantial analysis of your ISP Business requirements and makes adjustments to ensure the software functions properly on your end. Once the investigation is complete, designing takes over, which helps remove possible flaws by setting a standard model. After that, our developers start the actual software development process and customize it according to your ISP business.

Supporting team: 

Our support team collaborates with you and our development team in the testing stage, assessing the software for errors and document bugs. Also, the supporting team helps in the same way while any customization is needed to ensure the complete level of customer satisfaction. After the software has passed all of the stages without errors, it will go through a maintenance process in which it will be maintained and upgraded regularly to keep up with changes. Though ISP Digital is exceptionally user-friendly, we ensure you get proper guidelines for your business management to make you more comfortable with the system.

After-sales service team: 

ISP Digital values and prioritizes keeping the commitment, ensuring customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. We provide proactive after-sales service individually to clients. We established a fully dedicated customer service team, who serve real-time 24/7 customer service to deal with your business issues. Our technical support team is also engaged in after-sales service to ensure the highest quality of service.

Moreover, ISP Digital provides service excellence with the highest ability to meet and occasionally exceed our customers' expectations.

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