ISP Digital | A Complete ISP Billing & Management Software for ISP Business
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  • 28/09/2021
  • By: Md. Imteaj Ahamed

As the number of Internet subscribers around the world has increased, Internet service has become a very lucrative industry including in Bangladesh. Increasing the quality of customer service and communicating with the customer by meeting all the desired needs of the customer is very important for competitive advantage in the ISP industry. In order to increase the quality of service of the ISP businesses in the competitive market, quality service with extreme accuracy, extensive features, high responsiveness software, and many other things need to be done very carefully to ensure smooth business management. ISP Digital software can do this for your ISP business as it is the best management and billing solution. It has been developed and updated with advanced technology that gives your business proven output and brings fluency in business management.

Why is ISP Digital unique and way ahead of its competitors?

We will share the answer. Please keep reading to find out more.

An All-in-One Solution

ISP Digital software enables you to manage all segments of the ISP business. It is developed in a highly organized and focused manner, so that there is nothing more required except this ISP digital to run your ISP business. It has an HR & payroll system, a client management system, account & billing management, inventory management, support & ticketing, an online payment gateway, and many more substantial options that are required for conducting ISP activities and managing effectively your ISP business. As it deals with almost every solution for your ISP company, in this way, it also smartly reduces the company’s overall operational costs.

Full Business Control

As ISP businesses are considered to be one of the hardest things to control, here at ISP Digital software, we build this software that makes your task much easier than ever before and controls each aspect of your business regulations. ISP Digital offers a dashboard system that shows active and inactive clients' status, zone and category wise problem graph, unpaid and blocked clients' status, collected bills, due bills, installation charges, and many more statistical views that help your business to identify error areas and also help in decision making.

Ultra-flexibility with an intuitive design.

ISP Digital developed with the motive that no technical knowledge is required to understand the software. It is integrated with a simple, user-friendly and an intuitive design that makes it extremely flexible to run your company. For example, users will be able to overview a report within seconds and personalization is possible with the reports as they efficiently offer multiple views of the same report in the way users need.

Access anytime, on any device.

ISP Digital was first developed for desktop or laptop users, but on users' demand, we also established an android version. For this reason, you will be able to connect with your business all the time from any place. It also helps in effectively tracking the performance of the internet and monitoring overall business activities.

Exclusive payment systems

ISP Digital offers extensive channels for receiving payments. This software allows your business to accept payments through an online gateway system. Your customers will be able to pay through mobile banking companies like bKash, Rocket, Nogod, and Upay, or through bank payments, debit card payments, and credit card payments.

24/7 support team

We provide 24/7 customer service to deal with any issues that our clients are facing. Our technical support team is also collaboratively engaged to ensure that your business gets the highest quality of service. We provide exceptional service support to our clients.

As ISP Digital works as a management and billing software for your company, but with an extensive level of advanced facilities, your company will get nowhere. We always upgrade its activity functions according to the latest innovations so that the user experience becomes more joyful. It has a high performance capacity with many active features. We continuously focus on improving the usability of the software.

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